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About Me

Tracey Kelly

Umpalumpa & Chocolatier

Hi, I have been printing on chocolate for since 2010. 

All my products are Handmade in the Isle of Man, not just packed here.


Only the Finest Belgian Chocolate is used, with full colour printing with edible ink.

There is no limit to the possibilities of what you can have printed as the white chocolate takes the place of a sheet of paper.


In this time of environmental concern and living in the only Biosphere land with whole island status, printing on chocolate offers a tasty alternative to wasteful stationary.  


So is it time for you to become waistful not wasteful?


From edible business cards to all-in-one wedding menu, placesetting and favor in a choccy bar




Our Latest products include Hot Choccy Bombs (Mocha Coffee now too!!), Smashing Choccy Piñatas (filled with sweeties), 

Try our Paint Your Own gifts to keep the children amused and when they have had enough they just eat their painting (and the paint palette!).


For a novel gift for your loved ones, 


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